Monday, 13 May 2013


Airbags are the most vital safety device in a car or van. It reduces the damage to a human during an impact or collision with another vehicle. At London Diagnostic we find it imperative to make sure your airbag is always working. If you have an airbag light London Diagnostic will check the airbag module and will give you a full report on any faults found. Airbags started in around 1969 but was not very popular but nowadays it is fitted into every single car made.
London Diagnostic can also remove and delete any crash data that you have on a airbag module. The process is a bit time consuming but our technicians can have this done within a day.
London Diagnostic remove crash data because if you have a faulty module on your vehicle and need it replaced rather than going to buy the part brand new which could cost you a fortune, you can purchase a second hand one which is also cost effective on the customers part.
London Diagnostic Is always here to answer any question you may have regarding your airbag,airbag light or airbag module.

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