Friday 21 June 2013


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London diagnostic are able to program and adapt all VW AUDI SEAT and SKODA DSG gearboxes. Whether you have lost the transmission memory or replaced clutch or gearboxes....DSG gearbox programming and adapting.

BMW M6 super car diagnostic, programming, adapting, servicing, and remapping bespoke service

Mercedes C63 AMG diagnostic on airbags, suspension, SAM modules, engine, ABS, traction control, audio/ satnav etc is available...all diagnostic and repair is

BMW M6 diagnostic on engine, suspension, abs, airbags, footwell control module, CAS unit, instrument cluster, idrive, gearbox/ transmission, steering, etc
Super car performance as standard but we can remap the engine safely to unleash a further 50-60 bhp. Taking this vehicle to 570 bhp approximately !!!

Paint detailing and valet service Arranged at your home, work, garage or showroom. Superb restoration and safe cleaning for your vehicle. Only the best products and processes used on your pride and joy.

Meet the mighty mercedes C63 AMG... Full mercedes diagnostic available...

London Diagnostic fitting and coding in a vw RNS510 sat Nav unit in to a vw mk5 golf.

Paint detailing and valet arranged by a professional.... Special discounts when arranged through London

Coding new xenon lights into a vw golf mk5 and coding the central convenience and central electronics module. Retrofitting xenon headlights. Vw specialist in diagnostic, vw airbag repair, coding and adaptation.

Detailing can be arranged by London diagnostic.... 

Retrofitting BMW x5 seats e70.... Coding and fitting. We are able to repair bmw airbag faults including the seat occupancy

Vw golf mk5 blocked Dpf. Dpf is now being removed and remapped.

Nissan micra would start but was unable to to stabilise idling- further investigation showed substantial wear on the inlet manifold seals.

Do you need a retrofit BMW idrive system?? Long to play DVDs in your car? Do you want satnav? And all the unlocked features of the original BMW screen!! Call, we can supply and fit these units in all BMWs....very competitive prices

Monday 3 June 2013

Paying via credit or debit card couldnt be simpler!!

London diagnostic now accepts payment via paypal. So you can now pay using a credit or debit card. Cause we all know when it gets to the end of the month and your waiting to get paid and have no money and that lovely little light flashes on your dashboard indicating you have a problem, and you dont have the money to fix it, contact us and we will sort it out!
Also check out our pricing guide we offer Car diagnostics as low as £35 :)

Monday 27 May 2013

Pricing guide for london diagnostic

We have a full pricing guide up please feel free to browse and any problems just contact us! Thanks 

Thursday 23 May 2013

Best way to promote a business online???

Hey guys so just started a business and would like to know what things bloggers would use to promote a business???